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Thread: Any way to avoid $30 "connection fee" when buying a new phone other than online route

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    Any way to avoid $30 "connection fee" when buying a new phone other than online route

    Like the subject says: is there any way for a current Koodo customer to avoid the $30 "connection fee" when buying a new phone other than going the online route. The only work I'm expecting from the dealer is to hand me a boxed phone and adjust my tab to take into account the new phone. So, I'm really wondering if there's any way to avoid the bogus $30 "connection fee" (I already have a bleeping connection!). E.g., is there any way a dealer may have the power to waive this fee?

    As to why I don't want to go the online route, I've read some "horror stories" about phone deliveries that I'd prefer to avoid if possible.

    Frustrated by Koodo's blatant money grab.


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    If you buy a phone in store and get the service reps to activate it, the $30 goes to their paycheck. Some phones can be activated independently online but even then you might have to talk to an online rep which saves nothing.

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