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It wasn't so long ago that mobile video, captured in portrait mode and uploaded to YouTube, would appear on that site sideways. That issue has since been fixed, but Instagram is taking vertical video one step further with their new video sharing platform, called IGTV.

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Instagram is pitching IGTV as a mobile-first video sharing platform for "creators". Videos can be up to an hour long and uploaders can have public channel listings, just like YouTube. Besides the addressable audience of a billion Instagram users worldwide, the incentive to host videos on IGTV will be eventual monetization through the inevitable blight of inline ads.

So what to "creators" think of IGTV? Here's Marques Brownlee on that very subject:

The official IGTV app is already available for Android and iOS, and the service itself is rolling out right now to all parts of the world.

Source: Instagram