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Thread: Taxes/Fees

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    Are taxes and fees included in AT&T Prepaid?

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    No... Taxes and fees are added to the base rate and vary based on your location.

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    The answer is technically "no" as acejavelin said. However, the more relevant question is "Do I pay taxes and fees on AT&T Prepaid?"

    1) If you don't fund your account with PINs/RTRs, AT&T will charge you taxes and fees on your full plan refill amount.
    2) If you fund your account at an AT&T store, they'll charge you taxes and fees
    3) If you fund your account using PINs - discounted or not - AT&T assumes that you've paid taxes and fees when you bought the PINs and will only charge taxes and fees on the payment amount AT&T itself processes on your payment source. For example, if your balance is $50 and you apply $40 of PIN refills leaving a balance of $10, AT&T will charge you $10 plus taxes/fees on $10.
    3a) If you fully fund your balance with PINs and have autopay enabled, AT&T processes an autopay charge of $0.00 with no additional taxes/fees.

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