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Scary if true, and it's probably true... Someone on reddit alleges that Android malware was installed on both his Moto X4 and his wife's Huawei Mate 10 as they entered overland into mainland China. The redditor describes the incident as follows:

I saw the installation process, an icon appear on the home screen, the police ran the application and then the icon hid itself. Not sure if it rooted my phone or what. I know something was running on my phone because they used a handheld device to confirm our phones were communicating with their system before letting us go.
Because this was posted in the security subreddit the current top-voted comment is actually an offer to purchase the two compromised devices for forensic analysis. As to why this person and their spouse were targeted specifically, it might have been because they were crossing into Xinjiang, an area where the police forces are known to be using extreme forms of surveillance targeted at the local Uighur (Muslim) minority.

Source: r/security via Cory Doctorow