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Thread: Verizon Samsung S9 Signal Strength Questions

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    Verizon Samsung S9 Signal Strength Questions

    As a bit of backstory, my last Samsung was an S3. I hated that phone in every way and swore I'd never buy another Samsung phone. Yet here I am a few years later and it looks like the S9 is the only decent Android phone being offered at Verizon.

    The biggest issue I had with the S3 was weak signal strength. It was fine as long as I was in a major city or town. However, I travel to rural area's fairly often and this phone was horrible. When other people's phones had weak signal, mine had no signal. When a call broke up on their phone, my phone would drop the call. One place I visit quite often, my phone would only work if I stood in one spot in the yard, while other people with the same service and Motorola and LG phones would be able to make calls, text, etc. in most of the house. This made for a miserable experience. I read numerous places online that Samsung just used weaker radios. I replaced this phone a few years ago with a Motorola and the difference was amazing.

    Now that I need a new phone, it looks like the S9 is the only really good offering. Doing a Google search on this issue, I'm still seeing complaints on the S8's about low signal, but the few things I've read about the S9 seem positive. It seems like most articles written about this phone on popular blogs just skip over the signal strength. So what is your experience? Do any of you live in area's that would test this? I've hesitant to dive into this blind. While I'd like a decent phone, I'd rather have one that worked than one that had nice features.

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    This is interesting because I have yet to own a cell phone that doesn’t have problems getting a consistently strong cell phone signal. Inevitably, I’ll have problems due to weather, location (such as how far I am from a tower), or interference from other devices. It’s no different with my friends. There are options like cell phone boosters, but they’re not for everyone. I’m perplexed why cell phone manufacturers still can’t make the right phone—or is it the cell phone companies’ fault? Any ideas?

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    One plus 7t might solve your issues

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