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Thread: LG G5 Camera doesn't focus?!

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    LG G5 Camera doesn't focus?!

    I bought a new G5 a month or two ago. The normal camera doesn't focus; it seems to be stuck on about 10" away. I have changed it to manual focus and it makes clicking noises, but nothing happens.

    My wife has one also, and it seems to be fine; it focuses, and the manual focus does what it should. So obviously something is off with mine.

    Before I conclude it is broken, maybe I have it stuck on macro or something like that.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    A bit more...
    Googling gave me a dozen "fixes" that worked for other people; mainly turning off Google Apps; but none did anything for me.
    A magnet will pull it from 10" to infinity, so it restores a little function, but is hardly a practical solution.

    The retailer is refunding me $40, as the alternative is to return it to him and have him fix it (presumably by replacing the camera) and people say it will just break again.


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