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Thread: AsteroidOS, a Custom ROM for Android Wear

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    Post AsteroidOS, a Custom ROM for Android Wear

    Freedom beards and tinkerers rejoice! AsteroidOS, a custom ROM built entirely on GNU/Linux libraries, has just reached its first stable release. You can install it right now on the following devices:

    Asus Zenwatch 1
    Asus Zenwatch 2
    Asus Zenwatch 3
    LG G Watch
    LG G Watch Urbane
    LG G Watch R
    Sony Smartwatch 3

    Support for other older Android Wear watches is on the way—including the Texas Instruments-powered first-gen Moto 360. Sadly, a large swath of the current Wear OS ecosystem will never get AsteroidOS; their lack of charging pins prevent hardware probing, testing and support.

    I'm calling AsteroidOS a custom ROM because flashing it is a procedure akin to putting something like LineageOS on an Android phone: first you unlock your watch's bootloader with the same fastboot oem unlock command, then you use adb to flash a new bootloader and the AsteroidOS image. If you're not ready to commit you can also use fastboot to boot into the image temporarily, just like on Android.

    You won't need to flash a gapps package, but you will need a phone app to connect your new watch OS to your Android phone. It's called AsteroidOS Sync (makes sense) and can be found on F-Droid right here.

    If you end up trying it out please report back and let us know what you think!

    Source: AsteroidOS via Android Police
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    It would be interesting if this OS could be worn on smartwatch 2. It would give a boost to the watch.

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    I'm lucky to have one of the supported watches, but can someone tell me why I would want this when wearOS has these features and more?

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