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Thread: Boost Dealer in Texas forced to pay Prepaid 911 Tax HELP

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    Boost Dealer in Texas forced to pay Prepaid 911 Tax HELP

    I have been dealing with the state comptrollers for nearly a year with this mess! According to Sprint, they should be paying the prepaid 911 fee of 2% for every payment. Boost advertises in their ads that taxes and fees are included and dealers were sent a very generic sheet explaining that they are covering it. Apparently this does not suffice the state and they froze some funds from my bank account claiming that I am indeed liable for this tax.
    I am out of options at this time, I have tried numerous times to tell my master dealer and spg rep but they don't even know! Please Help if you know a way to get the state off my back.

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    How much is the state demanding from you?

    You could contact an attorney, might result in a class action lawsuit against the dealer or Boost mobile ..... You can't be the only one affected by this.
    Don't make me turn this car around.....

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