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Thread: question about switching from Cricket

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    It may seem like a lot if you're reading the threads in this forum but there's actually relatively little to learn:

    1) If want a single line AT&T Prepaid account, set it up with autopay. If you're porting in, it's best done at a corporate store but you'll pay sales tax + fees on your first month; for many/most of us, it's worth it. The store will give you the first month's autopay discount if you let them set up autopay for you.

    2) If you want a multi-line account, set up the individual accounts with autopay as in #1 above, then just before your renewal create the multi-line account. Call Customer Service for assistance with this since it can be tricky. Someone said they got a corporate store to set up their multi-line account; that may be a new development which would make this part a lot easier.

    Account setup is a one-shot deal. After that, all you do is load PINs each month or sign up for CallingMart's autopay which you can set up to load your account automatically each month a few days before your renewal date. I personally buy PINs every month because it only takes a few minutes to buy and load a PIN, plus there are occasionally better deals than CallingMart that come by, e.g. the Target 10% off + 5% off if you have a RedCard = 14.5% off PINs.

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    That's a good summary. Thanks for that information, Hornos. I'm sure I'll get used to everything very quickly.

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