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Thread: AT&T Prepaid $45 cards bought at local Best Buy store, when do they expire?

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    AT&T Prepaid $45 cards bought at local Best Buy store, when do they expire?

    I bought one of those AT&T Prepaid $45 cards at the local Best Buy store. Looking the back of the card, there's no indication as to when they expire.

    I know the the $45 balance expires 90 days after I entered the code into my AT&T Prepaid account.

    What I'm asking is how much time I have before I must scratch off the code and enter it into my AT&T Prepaid account.


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    lot's of different answers on this subject, i've heard everything from a year or more & all the way up to 90 days. then i've also heard of the cards never expiring.

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    I would like to know this answer too.
    Going to follow this thread.
    Please post the final answer once you know for sure.
    Would like to buy a year in advance for my next trip south to the US.
    FIDO Network

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