I have the Lg Env Touch Vx11000. I have changed to carrier Total Wireless so I have lost the automatic Update that is done with Verizon. I constantly break these Phones so I have about a Dozen in my house and when I break them I buy like new ones off Ebay for a few bucks. They often come with Older Firmware's. I am looking to upgrade the V04 Firmware on this new (used) phone to at least 9 which I had on my last Phone. My main issue is texts from I-Phone Users come in as [Content] [User] and if I click it the phone shuts off and resets. Also when I have V09 the I-phone messages 80/20% of the time come in scrambled or missing some commas ect. I see Websites that are offering software 11 but all links are dead and I can’t find the files anywhere let alone V09. I am familiar with BitPim and most postings say to use (LGNPSTv1.2 Store) which I believe I have a copy of.

Can someone either using bitpim or LGNPST tell me how to do it? On the alternate I have V09 on my phone that broke. How can I extract the firmware off that and put it on the new phone?

Any advice is super appreciated.

Verizon just came with a Plan (instead of their $40 PrePaid demanding that this Phone is a Smart Phone forcing 5 gig of Data Upon me) that's $30 ($31.75 w/tax) for talk/text/500mb of data. I use maybe 100mb data a year sending Pic Messages as I only talk and Text. I may just switch back to them because for the $4-$5 more a month it's worth back up assistance and V09 Firmware which I believe will probably be the last upgrade? Total Wireless who uses Verizon Towers 2nd Hand Charges me $27.01