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Thread: I can't update my Windows 7 Professional PC - error message

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    I can't update my Windows 7 Professional PC - error message

    Default I am unable to update Windows 7 Professional

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    Every time I attempt a manual update I get this error message. I restart the computer and get the message again.
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    I believe if you're not running a realtime av that has pushed a specific registry key or haven't installed M$ registry key. Then WU searches for that registry key. If found WU works otherwise you get that error message.

    Important: Windows security updates and antivirus software
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    Im am not sure about zapjbs experience but in my case it was due to registry problems on my pc. I basically had to reinstall ( fix ) windows and clean it up. The i stopped the update service and restarted it and it worked.

    Ive seen this problem more and more we are moving away from windows 7 as a os and support for it will become worse i believe , because they want you to buy ten. & particularly is a problem for windows as many many users are hanging on to it.

    Just my conspiracy theory thought.

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