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Thread: Bluetooth not sending photos

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    Bluetooth not sending photos


    I have a Bluetooth v.2 USB Dongle which is paired with my Windows 10 PC. I can see that Bluetooth is active in my
    Navigation tray near the clock under hidden icons.

    I have a few photos on my phone (I am not phone 'savvy'), a Vodafone VFD 200 which uses the Vodafone network, but when I click on the photos to send them to the PC, my phone tells me 'Photo1.jpg' not sent, 'Photo2.jpg' not sent, etc. The photos were taken using the phone's own built-in camera.

    The photo is fully charged, with little credit.

    What could be the problem, please?

    Thank you.

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    Right click on the Bluetooth icon in your tray and select Receive a file. A window will open. Then start sending the photos from your phone.
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    Wonderful, it worked.

    Many thanks!

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