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Here's the latest Android Wear—sorry, Wear OS smartwatch beside my trusty Pebble Time Steel. Note the similarity in size. Similarities in thickness and weight are perhaps less apparent but trust me, they're closely matched as well. I think that's a pretty big deal; this Skagen Falster is the most reasonably-sized Android-powered smartwatch that I've ever worn.

It doesn't look too shabby, either.

Despite past nasty comments about Android Wear, there is a certain elegance in not having to rely on a third-party app to connect your watch to your phone. The Falster itself exudes a similar elegance. Such things are subjective, I know, but I'm definitely a fan of Skagen's minimalist watchfaces. The Falster seems to be geared towards the world traveller; support for multiple time zones is a recurring theme among the default face selection.

This smartwatch is also practical. Those shiny stainless steel lugs will actually support any 20mm band, and the included leather or mesh strap has quick release pins for added convenience.

A more in-depth review of the Falster by Android Police criticizes its small battery and big price. I can't really comment on the battery yet as I'm still on my first full charge; I guess that in itself is a good sign. I do agree that at $275 USD and $365 CAD it's expensive, but there are two ways to consider that. You could say that without a heart rate sensor or NFC for Android—sorry, Google Pay, Skagen is charging too much for too little. However, you could also say that you're paying a premium for a piece of wearable technology that's actually wearable.

That's how I'm feeling about the Skagen Falster right now; I'm definitely smitten. Guess we'll just have to see how long that lasts.

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