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Thread: Car Visor Bluetooth or Other Option

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    Car Visor Bluetooth or Other Option

    I have been using a Blueant S1 in my old truck for hands free.

    It never was that impressive but it worked. But now the battery seems to be quite dead and it can't stay charged.

    What options are out there now? Loud is a bonus as it gets pretty noisy. If there is a new invention that works better than a visor mount I don't know about it. But the visor used to work OK.

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    I first bought the S1 & was very disappointed with it. The sound was distorted & the plastic shell rattled.

    I then got an S4 & have been happy with it & using it for a few years. It is noticeably louder & clearer than the S1. While not perfect, it gets the job done.

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