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Thread: Great job on the part of H2O when my phone died.

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    Great job on the part of H2O when my phone died.

    The ringer on my old (formerly) faithful Moto E2 just stopped and I wasn't hearing calls or text notifications. The phone was working OK, but the ringer wasn't. Not having time to shop around online and wait for a new used phone to arrive in the mail, I drove to WalMart thinking I could pick up a cheap GoPhone, pop in my SIM card and I'd have a working phone. If it weren't already 10:00PM I would probably go to Best Buy or elsewhere but, well, it was too late and I need a phone tomorrow morning.

    Well, I guess the GoPhone is now AT&T Prepaid Unlimited and comes in a prettier blue box but whatever... So I picked up the cheapest phone there which was the Alcatel idealXCITE which is probably a piece of junk but for $42 I can't complain. There was also a ZTE something-or-other for the same price but some time ago I had an Alcatel One Touch Evolve which served me well until it got too old. So I chose the Alcatel on the basis of having owned one previously.

    Problem: it takes a nano SIM card and my Moto E2 has a micro SIM card that won't break down to a nano size. And even if I could find a place that sells H2O SIM cards, it was now nearly 11:00PM.

    Solution: I had another unused H2O SIM card that was--hallelujah--a 3-in-1. Anyway, with a call to H2O customer service I was able to explain the situation and within a few minutes the customer service representative was able to port my number and balance to the new SIM card.

    I put the SIM card in my new idealXCITE and I'm back in business. The whole process including a trip to WalMart took about 2 hours. Sometimes things just work out.
    My smartphone is a lot smarter than I am.

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    It's so nice to hear a positive story. Usually, this forum is full of negativity.

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