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webOS, Palm, Inc.'s prescient gesture-based smartphone operating system that made its way to an HP tablet and on to an untold number of LG smart TVs, has been open-sourced. For the second time. The first open source edition came from HP itself back in 2011, and according to Wikipedia went nowhere fast. Cut to 2018 and LG, the current custodian of webOS, has just announced an open source edition of their own. Hopefully this community build has received an update or two since the last one.

My own personal skepticism aside, the world can always use more open source software, so I honestly don't see this as bad news. But why webOS specifically, and why now? Here's the killer quote from LG's CTO:

“webOS has come a long way [...] and is now a mature and stable platform ready to move beyond TVs.”
Somebody needs to give LG a lesson in recent history, I think.

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