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Thread: Blue screen with frowny face - Lumia 635

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    Blue screen with frowny face - Lumia 635

    I took my Lumia 635 to Costa Rica, but only used it for wifi and gps. It locked up, but was okay when I took the battery out.
    When I got home and turned off airplane mode, it froze again. This time battery trick didn't work; I got a blue screen with a smiley face. I googled and found how to do a hard reset with the on/off and volume buttons. That worked, however I suspect the phone is in failure mode and should be replaced. Is that about right, or should I try using it again.

    I moved the SIM to my even older Lumia 520 and it is doing okay, but it is a pretty crummy phone; so I would like to either get the 635 back or buy a new phone.


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    I'd suggest you get a new device. If you must stick to a windows phone (I certainly would not), then see if you can get a 640 or 650. I still have my 650, and turn it on sometimes. No freezing issues yet. Just that a lot of apps either no longer work at all, or they are barely functional. The device itself is a little slow no doubt.

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