Item: Modded MiFi 6620L
Price (and Currency): $60 USD flat (free shipping)
Condition: Used, good.
Accessories included: Charger.

Shipping from and to the USA, this MiFi 6620L has been "hacked" to only connect to band 4 "XLTE" AWS, which is much faster than band 13.

It will NOT connect to 3G or any other bands, it is AWS only. Recommended for users with unlimited data and hate band 13 and its slowness.

PM me, make sure to email me at [email protected] that you're interested and have PMd me as i do not ever check this website often and will need to know you've sent me a PM.

If you want i made an eBay listing for it here but would much rather conduct business over PayPal only to avoid eBay fees. Use the link only if you can't reach me via PM or email (for some reason.)