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In an unexpected blog post late last week the Rebble team kind of blew my mind.

Based on my previous research I had thought that the project was to be a replacement for Pebble OS, the operating system on Pebble hardware. This never really made sense to me; full ROMs for each Pebble model are freely available for download, and it seems to me that what Pebblers are going to be missing most when Fitbit shuts down the Pebble servers this summer are the services that they currently provide to users—voice dictation and weather complications are the two that immediately spring to mind.

What Rebble is actually planning is a complete end-to-end solution, including an app and watch face store, a phone app for Android and iOS and (eventually) a new operating system for the watch. Here's the TL;DR from their blog post:

We will be providing replacements for almost all Pebble services;
Most things will work just fine when you switch to the Rebble servers;
We will have a Patreon page for you to donate to keep the services running;
We will require that you pledge around a couple of dollars a month for weather and dictation. All other services will remain free;
Fitbit are our friends.
You can read the finer details of Rebble's grand plan at the first link below, and the ensuing discussion from the Pebble reddit community at the second. Comments posted there so far suggest that Pebblers are happy to pay for continuing access to voice dictation and weather; if Rebble can get everything up and running in time then that June 30th deadline might not turn out to be such a big deal after all.

Source: Rebble via r/pebble