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Thread: 17 year Bell Mobility Customer

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    17 year Bell Mobility Customer

    I currently have two phones on my account. Unlimited Canada calling/text etc. $60 7gb data, $65 one phone, $55 for the other. One phone's contract was up. Moved it to Fido. $45 with 2gb data. Other phone has 9 mths to run on contract. $280 buyout but worth moving at that price. Any suggestions. Bell don't seem to care about 17 year client.

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    Bell only care about how much you pay them.

    To them you are just a number (Account Number) who pays them monthly.

    Do you think they care that you are loyal to them?
    Bell and Rogers and Koodo

    Line 1 $50 - Iphone 7 Plus 128GB
    Freedom Mobile
    Unlimited Calling - North America (Canada to US Long Distance)
    8GB a Month Full Speed
    Unlimited Global Text
    1GB North American Roaming (US and Canada)

    Line 2 $50.00 - Iphone 7 128GB
    Unlimited Calling
    Unlimited LTE Data (20GB full speed)
    Unlimited Txt

    Line 3 & 4
    $40.00 Ontario PLAN (Not QC or SK or MB)
    6GB LTE Data
    Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
    Unlimited Global text

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