So if he just gave the restore discs away for free would that of not been pirating or would it still be considered intent to distribute? "The discs had labels nearly identical to the discs provided by Dell for it's computers & even had the windows & Dell Logos." Eric Lundgren even said "If I had just written Eric's restore disc on there it would have been fine, He said."

I guess he should of first cleared it with Microsoft & the computer manufacturer? Or he could of just installed Linux OS on them as it is free open software. Now they are now just trying to make an example out of him! It's a shame too because he did so many wonderful things.

I feel that the judge along with Microsoft were just butt hurt that they couldn't get a new $25 OS & product key charge by double dipping even though the original product key is good for the life of that PC. Lundgren stated that "He thought the restore discs were freeware" Without a product key or COA (Certificate of Authenticity) those discs are useless & have no value.

Although I do think that if the $25 would allowed him to install a new or the newest OS such as Win 7,8 or even 10 if the PC would allow it based on Hardware components it may of benefited him w/ more profit from it & could of been a Win/Win.

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