my wife has metro pcs and i use tracfone for my service. i don't use the phone enough to warrant a regular service. anyway i tried to root the samsung on5 phones we have hers on metro pcs mine on tracfone and that did not work as some said they should. what i wanted was internal memory for the apps we like to have on the phone without taking them off and on the phone all the time.

so this is my question. i see metro has the lg aristo with 16gb of memory and like 10gb to the user. my s3 has 16gb and with all my favorite apps i have plenty of spare space. so metro has these for 50.00 and i was wondering if she could go and get one and use it for the 3 months and they get it unlocked then go get another one and give me the unlocked phone so i could use it on tracfone service? anyone happen to know if this can be done? i asked metro if i could just by them one for her and one for me and they said mine would not work on tracfone because it would be locked to metropcs service. but my on5 is unlocked and on tracfone. seems they want the phone on there service for 3 months time. i guess i could get one and get it on there service but then i pay for the service and really do not use it for a phone much. that is why i have tracfone, and then after the 3 months of service unlock it and switch but then i have 2 services to pay for. thanks for the help