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Thread: Mobley Sim to Hotspot

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    Quote Originally Posted by PHMT View Post
    I have used this site:

    It has been reasonably accurate for me with AT&T. Of course bands on any given tower can, and will, change, so you can't assume it is 100% accurate.
    It's a great tool, I'd say it's more 50% to 75% accurate. You really need someone with a Band 14 Android phone to drive by to get a full signal review. And if nobody has, you won't see all the available signals.

    I actually bought a Razer Phone 2 to measure in my area. Saw some transient Band 14 signals but AT&T also shut it down. Probably going to return it, I can't justify a new Verizon line right now, even with the $250 BYOD deal. (Temp Mod Note: Non-profit)

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    Help. Please.

    I'm trying to use the Mobley Connected Car SIM in my unlocked Huawei Mate 10 Pro Smartphone as a hotspot device. The phone supports the ATT LTE frequencies. And, it shows connection to the ATT network and strong signal bars, but there's no data connection. I thought perhaps there are special APN settings for the ZTE mobley to access this service, but I can't find those settings anywhere.

    Has anyone had success using the Mobley SIM in an Android smartphone? And what APN settings worked?


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    Create a new apn, use any name, apn = broadband.

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    Mobley Sim to Hotspot

    Quote Originally Posted by mysterym View Post
    I would do some more testing and remove variables. I dont think I've ever really experienced deprioritization except maybe in one location where a commuter train stop was when the train was passing through during peak commute times I basically had no bandwidth. I never figured out whether it was congestion or deprioritization but easy way is to compare a mobley under 22gb with a mobley over 22gb and see what speeds you are getting. Please report back!
    After checking over a few months. Some bands get locked up and fail to transmit data. Need to reboot and maybe pick a different band at times. If I actively do that with my MOFI router/ hot spot (using the Mobley sim) connectivity and bandwidth improves enough to be functional with Netflix at most times. Congestion seems to be very tied into the band being used.

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