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Thread: service that supports web based sms text

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    service that supports web based sms text

    I'm looking for something to replace the old RingTo service. Three most important features are:

    1) Service that supports web based interface to send/receive/forward sms text messages
    2) Ability to forward calls to multiple phones
    3) reasonable privacy policy, not really comfortable with google voice in this respect

    I would appreciate any suggestions for other services that support these features, or even just the first one

    Thank You

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    Google Voice/Hangouts supports this if you port your number into their system and register it as a cell line. They also can forward calls to multiple phones. I'm aware of privacy issues but in the modern world of the internet i'm not sure if anyone else out there is really much better. I thought google said they'd stop using content of personal communications for ads which is the only violation i'm aware of in the past. For 'privacy from the govt' that doesnt even exist, there's always a workaround for 'them'.

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