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Thread: Honor 6x dual sim question

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    Honor 6x dual sim question

    I just recently got an Honor 6x and I'm really liking it so far.

    I do have one random question about it that I can't find a straight answer to anywhere else.

    I know that it is dual sim. My question is, can both sim slots support 3G/LTE? I know they won't be able to support 3G or LTE simultaneously, but if I wanted to switch from sim 1 to sim 2, could I get LTE data on sim 2 if I turn it off on sim 1?

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    The second sim is 2G only. You cannot get LTE on sim 2. I like the phone as well but am deeply disappointed that it does not work on band 12 for t-mobile. It will be on LTE for data, but drops down to 4g for calls on t-mobile.

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