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Thread: Data outage in Houston area?

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    Data outage in Houston area?

    Calls are fine, but cell data seems to have been MIA for the last few hours. Rebooted and reseated SIM, verified APN setting match what they have on their site, but didn't help. Cricket chat says they are aware of a "massive" outage and expect a fix "05:51 PST" tomorrow. Anyone ever got truthful or accurate info via chat relating to outages?

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    Well at least you didn't tell us your hardware and that Cricket admitted it's a known outage.

    What's the actual question here?
    It'll be up when it's up, I guess is what I'm saying. If you were with AT&T proper you could maybe get a bill credit.

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    Every carrier has unexpected outages, so every MVNO and prepaid service using those carriers have outages.

    I agree that they at least told you. Most of the time they don't. If it happens more times then you like, you may have to change providers to one that doesn't use AT&T towers.

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