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Thread: Cheapest smartphone that can be activated on Verizon mvno?

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    I use the Verizon model of the G4 play on Tracfone. I used the G4 play for two months on Verizon prepaid first. I unlocked on the first month. The funny thing about the Verizon model is it block the dialer on any other carrier. I also purchased a Samsung J3 mission for $30 during an after black Friday sale. The J3 mission has terrible battery life compared to the G4 play. The J3 has all the modern Verizon features on it VOLTE and Wifi calling too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by veriztd View Post
    In my prior experience, Verizon generally will not activate a phone that is not branded "Verizon", even if they sell the same phone. I have an unbranded LG G4 phone that they would not activate.
    As long as the phone is made and approved to be used on the Vzw network, it does NOT have to be branded Vzw to work on the Vzw network.

    As far as I know, no LG G4 that wasn't sold by Vzw directly was ever made or approved to be used on the Vzw network, which is probably why the LG G4 you tried to use on the Vzw network didn't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jettable View Post
    do I even have to worry about this VoLTE stuff if I use Hangouts/GoogleVoice for calls and texts?
    Yes, you do. You can't use Hangouts if Verizon won't activate your phone.

    They won't activate it because, a year and a half after the cutoff date, they will be shutting down CDMA and that phone won't even be able to call 911 on Verizon's network.

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