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Thread: New to forum-have two activated Startacs on Sprint

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    New to forum-have two activated Startacs on Sprint

    Hey folks, some friends at the classic broncos forum led me to this site. I have been hanging on to two activated startacs on Sprint. One is a black startac and the other is a silver timeport. They have consecutive 310 numbers. They work- my plan is the old fair and flexible and I haven’t changed it in years. Any idea what these are worth including transferring the accounts? Is the value going up (should I hold on to them)? Both phones have very low time and are nearly new. I bought them new in the box on eBay to replace older units. I make a test call once every couple of months or so.

    I love the startac. My favorite phone of all time. I am just conflicted about keeping them and paying the bill but I know once it is turned off they are inactive forever.

    Thanks again,


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    Just one question: WHY?!? For the love of Gord, WHY?!?!?!?! Don't you WANT to enjoy the improved coverage of the modern networks? WHY do you want to remain stuck on technology from LAST CENTURY?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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    IMO, todays' phones don't come close to the looks of the vintage phones.
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