Hello. Currently my family uses 3 different no contract plans. We would like to change that and all of us be on the same contracted plan.

Very simple must's are: Three lines (though, the 3rd barely uses his phone). Not sure exactly how many minutes we use but probably either around 2,000, unlimited, or if the plan gives you free same service to service calls, a significantly less amount of minutes would be necessary. Unlimited text messages. And, finally, either unlimited data or at least enough to share between 2 people who so not stream movies or things like that pretty much ever.

I would like to be able to buy current phones like the Galaxy S8. And my budget is no more than about $150 total. Including all taxes, fees, etc..

I would really LOVE to be able to keep my current phone number that I'm using on my no contract Verizon plan. But if that's not an option, it is very FAR from a deal breaker.

So, please hit me with some suggestions! It will be greatly appreciated. :-)