My voicemail app was just updated to version T.

Everything appeared fine until I went to delete voicemail messages. When I press and hold on a message to select it, it becomes selected (gray fill), but there's no trash button anywhere. There used to be one that would appear at the top of the screen.

OK, so I figured there must've been some glitch in the update. I decided to roll back to the original version and then let it update again. I did that... NOW, not only am I in the same predicament, but I lost ALL of my voicemail messages! I cannot believe that a company would be that negligent as to not protect data. That's more valuable than any program. But my inbox has been wiped clean.

I think it's time to abandon this default email program. I'm looking at YouMail. But I'm wondering if the previous voicemail messages can be salvaged somehow, perhaps they're still sitting in some folder in memory.