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Thread: New options - Flexiroam

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    Arrow New options - Flexiroam

    Never heard of these guys but just ordered 2x 1GB starter packs for me and my partner.

    Their pricing is more then 3x cheaper than Know Roaming, which was a favorite of mine because the credit doesn't expire.

    Check out
    And Know Romaing

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    The pricing is very close to Keepgo for the PAYG and the validity is 1 year.
    The Specific country pricing with flexiroam is very good though.
    I like keepgo because for $19US you can keep bumping your Expiry a year, and with the amount we travel. We will always have tons of data.

    If you keep hitting the 1GB refill. your data depending on the exchange is 4-5 cents/MB.


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    BTW Know Roaming's credit now does expire - After 9 months. Really not a good option anymore and don't like their insane pricing. They have no 30 day plans for a good reason. Their 7 day play is already $85 CAD after taxes in (PS: KnowRoaming bills in USD), so a month would cost you $240 CAD.

    Yeah since Canadians already pay the highest price for Data in the known universe, going with any landed sim is going to be so light on your wallet, there is no point in getting a roaming SIM these days.

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