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Thread: Sony Xperia Z3v and simultaneous Voice and data usage?

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    Sony Xperia Z3v and simultaneous Voice and data usage?

    I have a Sony Xperia Z3v that is on one of the Verizon MVNO carriers (Selectel Wireless if it matters) and Android 5.1.1 of the OS. I am getting a notice while talking on the phone that Data is not available if an email or MMS message comes in. I immediately go from 4G icon to 1X and sometimes I have to power cycle the device after hanging up from the call to go back to 4G data speed.

    Selectel in a support chat stated some phones maybe limiting this and that is not something that they or Verizon system is doing (I do not remember getting this before but just moved over to this phone in October from a different Samsung phone.

    Some talk of Advanced Calling Features required and Sony not supporting this on this model over on the Verizon Community site, so Selectel could be correct on this- limitation of the phone.

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    Yep, you need Advanced Calling for simultaneous voice and data with Verizon. Some older Verizon phones had 2 radios and could do this w/o needing Advanced Calling.

    That's why I switched to ATT

    - Simultaneous voice and data w/o the glitchiness of Advanced Calling.
    - Superior voice call quality using ATT's legacy 3g network. Rivals landline fidelity & stability with a good phone.

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