My parents and grandfather and I all share a phone plan, since I rent from them. They recently switched providers from Sprint to PureTalk, which required getting new phones. My mom and I prefer to use flip phones for actual phone calls, so we went with flip phones that PureTalk suggested, and were dismayed to discover that the ones recommended didn't have any Speed Dial options at all, and were generally junky.

So I started looking some more, and I've come to a very unpleasant conclusion that I would love if anyone can disprove: they simply do not make ANY flip phones for GSM 3G networks that have more than the 1-Touch Speed Dial entries from 2-9 on the number keypad. No way to punch in, say, 23, and have it go to a saved number. Yet there are several 2G phone series with that capability (Motorola Razr, Kyocera Dura), and tons of non-GSM ones that do. Why would there be no GSM 3G flip phones with this? This is a basic requirement for us and we would buy the phone simply based on whether it has that or not. Yet I could not find one. If anyone can, please let me know! I've tried phone searches on a couple different websites, and none of them even mentioned the number of Speed Dial entries as a feature (which, why not? it's the one we use the most!!!), which required going and looking up individual phone manuals, ugh.

So am I wrong somehow - is there a flip phone for GSM 3G that has up to 99 Speed Dial entries or more? Or do they simply not even make them?