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Thread: Unlock Instructions for Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D ?

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    Unlock Instructions for Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D ?

    I contacted Fido today and got the unlock codes for 4 of my old Fido devices (ZTE Wireless Home Phone, Nokia CS-18 USB Internet Stick, Sierra Wireless (Netgear) Aircard 763S, and Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D).

    Looking at Fido's unlock instructions shown on: I managed to figure out how to unlock the Nokia CS-18 USB internet stick (instructions on their website are wrong) and the Sierra Wireless (Netgear) Aircard 763S (link to download MEP Unlock Tool doesn't work) but I'm not sure how to unlock the Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D.

    For those of you interested, the Fido/Nokia CS-18 USB internet stick says to insert a foreign SIM into the stick and plug it into your computer and wait for the 4 lights on the bottom right corner to turn green on the Nokia interface. With a foreign SIM card in the internet stick you will never get the green lights. A message will appear that you can't dismiss indicating the SIM card is incorrect or not compatible. I used my Fido SIM card and then once the green lights appeared on the bottom right of the Nokia interface, I clicked on the Settings button on the upper right and then hit Ctrl-Shift-D as stated in Fido's instructions where I was presented with a screen asking me for the MEP code. This is where I entered the code. After entering the code, I tested it out with my foreign SIM and I no longer received the message "Incorrect/Wrong/Invalid SIM"

    For the unlock instructions for the Sierra Wireless (Netgear) Aircard 763S, the instructions are correct except the link pointing you to download the MEP Unlock Tool is incorrect. I managed to get the MEP Unlock Tool from Netgear's site on the following forum link:

    A Google search for Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D unlock show various sites offering the code and instructions to unlock it but now that Fido gives the wireless unlock codes for free because of the CRTC ruling, I already have the unlock code but just want to know how/where I enter the MEP code.

    Does anyone know?
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    How many digits was your unlock code for the Sierra Wireless (Netgear) Aircard 763S ?

    I got a code from Fido and it's 12 digits. The entry field on the 763S is for only 8 digits and won't take the code.

    Did I get the wrong unlock code?

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