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Thread: How to Remove Apple ID (iCloud) on iPad or iPhone Without Password

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    Post How to Remove Apple ID (iCloud) on iPad or iPhone Without Password

    The market of used smartphones is growing faster every year. A lot of small businesses and ordinary users choose to own used Apple iPhone or iPad instead of a new Samsung, LG or other brand gadgets. iOS devices are very popular in a big number of countries across the world. This is probably the main reason why so many customers choose used iOS gadgets over new models and, all of a sudden, face one issue.

    Have you noticed that your iPad or iPhone has Apple ID that is not yours? Would you like to learn how to remove Apple ID without password? It is surely impossible to completely remove Apple ID account from Apple servers unless the original device owner will do it for you. But it could be possible to reset your iDevice without Apple ID password thanks to iActivate tool.

    How Safe iCloud removal Is
    Before we explain how to bypass Apple ID without password on your iPhone let’s talk about iActivate program. What exactly can it do to help you?

    iActivate ( is a perfect program for users who have an activated iPhone or iPad with Apple ID but who have forgotten the password. The tool can bypass Apple ID account. This procedure also factory resets the iDevice so it can be used by you if you meet all the requirements.

    This service is safe to use. It surely deletes all information associated with old Apple ID that is being bypassed but this is must do when you need to bypass the account. At the same time you get many benefits.

    Pros and Cons of Resetting iOS Apple ID Without Password
    Let’s look closer at the advantages and disadvantages of performing this task. We’ll list the main pros and cons so you can decide for yourself whether iActivate is the service you are looking for.

    • Ability to factory reset iPhone or iPad mini without Apple ID password
    • Ability to sync iDevice to your iCloud account
    • Ability to sign in with your own Apple ID
    • Ability to bypass Apple ID account directly on your iOS gadget
    • Simple and safe bypass procedure

    • Apple ID will only be removed from your iPhone or iPad. It will not be removed from Apple servers
    • If you ever try to update iOS version, restore or erase the iDevice the old Apple ID will return and you’ll be asked to enter the original Apple ID username and password
    • A big number of requirements you have to meet in order to use iActivate removal tool

    How to remove Apple ID from iPad Without Password
    It is pretty easy to reset iPad or iPhone without Apple ID password if the gadget is activated and in the ‘white’ list without iCloud lock on it.

    Here is what exactly you will have to do in order to successfully reset your smartphone or tablet computer:
    • Step 1. Carefully read all the requirements before you choose to use iActivate bypass tool. Double check that you are eligible and understand what you are doing.
    • Step 2. Order the bypass service online. You’ll be asked to provide some details such as email address, your name, Apple gadget’s serial and IMEI numbers. You’ll also have to take a screenshot of the good iCloud status. We already mentioned that you cannot use the service if you have iCloud lock.
    • Step 3. Download and install iActivate software ( iActivate software. It works on Windows PC and it is extremely quick to download and very easy to install on your computer.
    • Step 4. Run the program. You will see the easy-to-follow on-screen guide how to use it. So connect your iDevice to your PC and follow the instructions to remove iCloud account and reset iPhone or iPad Apple ID without password.

    The tool will remind you that all information associated with the old Apple ID will be removed from the mobile device during the procedure. In other words, if you have some important photos, contacts or documents you are advised to backup them or save somewhere to use later on. Don’t worry about apps and games. They will not be deleted while you are using the software.

    Supported Firmware, Devices
    Is it possible to reset iPhone Apple ID without password on any operating system?
    Is this something that can be done on iPad mini and other Apple gadgets?

    iActivate supports ALL current iOS versions. This includes the latest iOS 11, previous iOS 10 and older iOS 9, 8, 7. Besides, this program works on ALL iDevices that are activated including iPhone X, iPhone 8, 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6, 5 etc. It supports GSM and WiFi models.

    You have to pay attention that your iPhone or iPad mini MUST be activated if you wish to bypass Apple ID account on it.

    Right now the reset tool only supports Windows platform. It runs on Vista, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, XP PC. It cannot run on Mac computers but Mac owners who wish to use the program can try to install Windows virtual machine and perform the distant bypass this way.

    Who Cannot Reset iDevice Apple ID Without Password
    Some gadgets are not supported:
    • iPhone, iPad, iPad mini that is not activated
    • iPhone, iPad mini, iPad that is iCloud locked
    • Apple gadgets that are reported as stolen
    • Apple devices that are reported as lost
    • All blacklisted iDevices

    P.S. Please always remember that the bypass is only performed on your iPhone or iPad. It is not performed on Apple servers so the Apple ID (iCloud) account doesn’t disappear officially. It is only bypassed on your device and it can return in case you forget the three main rules: never upgrade, never erase and never restore.
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    Just follow steps below to delete your iCloud account without a password.
    1. Go to the Settings, the tap on General and About. To know the version of your device.
    2. Then go to the Settings, tap on iCloud and then click on "Find My iPhone". Now, delete the existing password and enter any password (any random number). Hit the "Done" option to continue.
    3. You will then see a pop-up window, saying that password is incorrect. Tap OK option. And then go to Account and remove the description. Tap on "Done".
    4. Now, go back to the "Find My iPhone" interface, you will now see that the feature has been automatically turned off.
    5. You can then scroll down to the bottom of the interface and hit the "Delete" option. On the promo dialogue, remember to hit the "Delete" option to go on.

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    But this only works if your device is active & if you restore the device it will be relocked again. The best solution is to use an IMEI-based iCloud removal service. However the iactivate is also a good solution if you don't want to restore the device.

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    I have a couple very old iPads that we're upgraded by the state and sold as surplus ,
    But without taking them off iCloud ,

    I got them at the electronic swap meet as he had 20 of them.
    But I do not think I will be able to get the passwords,
    Since they are locked is there anyway to use them for anything but parts ?
    Wanted: old barnfind VWs and Sports cars ,
    save them from the crusher , I have had my tetanus shots so rust does not scare me ,
    anything considered even parts cars

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