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Thread: top 3 USED moto phones with best battery life and reception

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    top 3 USED moto phones with best battery life and reception

    I need a good moto phone with good battery life and good reception was looking a the e4 plus but its reception problems scare me away

    I need something I can find used that doesnt have many hardware problems

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    I am wondering this same thing.

    A friend and I have Droid Turbo 2 phones from Swappa, and they have been working real good a couple years now.

    I fear this model might be getting a little obsolete but get one if you like its features, performance is pretty good. Battery life not all that great but my work has me able to charge from time to time, but I also work the battery pretty hard.

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    Which of the Motorola phones have the 5000 mah batteries ?

    The e5 plus and the G7 power does but not sure which others !

    My e5 play has the 3000 mah battery which seems to last a long time for my use which is mostly checking forums , emails and listening to podcasts
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    The e4 Plus has a 5000 mah battery but doesn't have any reception issues. I bought 2 of them & they work fine. Not sure what reception issues the OP is referring to?

    The G6 Play has a 4000 mah battery and it works great as well. I like the Dolby Audio feature the most. Looked at the G7 Power, but doesn't have the Dolby feature & the speaker is not as loud as the G6 Play.

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