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Thread: Kudos to Airvoice wireless

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    Kudos to Airvoice wireless

    After switching between few MVNOs, we finally settled on Airvoice Wireless $10/month plan, a while ago. I don't even remember how many years we are with them, but never really had a problem with them, until today.

    Suddenly, my wife's phone stopped working today morning. She had $68.xx balance. I called them up to see what went wrong. The customer service representative I talked to mentioned that the payment didn't go through and hence I lose all the balance. I was pretty mad, first because both of our phones are on auto payment with the same card. My payment went through and hers didn't. Second, there was no message from Airvoice that the payment didn't go through. Third, why should I lose the balance?

    But I restrained myself. The guy was just doing his job. I did mention him of my dissatisfaction. We set up with the new card and got her phone working. Later, I asked him if I can transfer some of my balance to her account as she uses her phone a lot but I mostly use the home phone. He transferred me the specialized technical assistance team. The lady I talked to, after checking few things, she restored the balance. No drama of any kind.
    She mentioned the card was declined because it had expired. My auto-payment was set up using the new card after Chase sent us the new card post some data breach (at Home Depot or Target if I remember correctly). Same card, same number, different expiry date.

    Kudos to Airvoice because they restored the balance. I had a similar experience with Black Wireless. At Black wireless, it was no fault of mine. Their system just decided one day that it will eat up all my $100+ balance. When I called them, they just refused to achnowledge that I even had that much balance, but I had screenshots to prove. They wouldn't agree but raised a possibility of me doctoring those screenshots. You disagreeing with the customer is one thing, accusing them of something is another. As a result, it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth and I dumped them. They still send me emails to refill my account!!

    The experience I had with Airvoice Wireless vs Black Wireless is stark. Hence Airvoice definitely deserves my business.

    It will be great though if Airvoice can institute few newer functions,
    - The ability for the users to look at their accounts online, possibly modify the credit card details. (This is because I sent them an email asking how to change the credit card in the account a while back. I was told, somebody will contact me but that never happened. This was during the time it was not easy to get Airvoice customer service on the phone. Eventually, I forgot to change the credit card details.)
    - Alert mechanism for the expiring credit cards.
    - Set up a system such that the user gets a message or an email to notify that the payment didn't go through and they could lose the balance. May be offer a grace period of a couple of days.
    - By default, make a payment date 2-3 days prior to the expiry.

    I hope Airvoice continues to keep the game up.

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    I have used AV in the past & the CS was A+++.

    Afaik AV won't improve anytime soon because 80%+ of their revenue now comes from US free phone (lifeline) program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noelm View Post
    - Alert mechanism for the expiring credit cards.
    This would be nice but I don't know of any auto-pay vendor, including household utilities and such, that has this possibility. The cardholder is responsible for updating whatever card is on file with the vendor. At least that has been my experience.
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