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Thread: T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE

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    T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE

    I am interested in hearing from anybody here that uses the T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE. What sorts of speeds do you get? Also, has anybody here removed the SIM card and used it in any other devices?

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    i use it to track my car and how my wife drives. i tell her we need to drive like we are a little old lady going to church on sunday and when going onto the highway you need to go very slow up to only 55 mph which should take about 2 minutes i tell her. I also say we should only listen to AM radio and eat dinner at 4pm and then watch Matlock and then go to bed

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    It's nice to see TMobile have an option for towing. How much is the monthly fee?

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    I am currently using the SyncUp & Drive 2

    Hardware used is SD6500.H03
    It's actually the same exact hardware as the Metro by T-Mobile MetroSMART RIDE 2. Also SD6500.H03

    I don't use it for much intense usage, mostly just to have internet on my HeadUnit (Radio) for Google Maps & music streaming. So far I have not seen any problems.

    So far the coverage seems to be pretty good, but I'm in a major city. It does seem to get lightly better signal than my tablet which has the same internet plan, even with the device under my dash. I'll do a few speed tests when I get the chance & let you know.

    I pay $10/month for 2GB of 4G/LTE, after which the data is slowed down to 2G speeds according to the contract. It's actually $15/month but you get $5/month off for using auto pay. The device equipment price is $96, but I pay that in $4/month for 24 months with the caveat that if I cancel I get the bill for the rest of it.

    The device has very basic OBD2 information & I have yet to figure out how to access the OBD2 via apps like Torque. (Anyone have ideas I'm happy to hear them). 1 really nice thing it DOES do is give me an alert anytime someone so much as leans against my car. The alerts are pretty instantaneous.

    I'm actually interested in knowing if it's possible to swap out the SIM card. In case my tablet runs out of data & I still have some left on the SyncUp. I know this thread is pretty dead, but if anyone has information I'd love to hear it
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