Im a web developer looking to get into developing apps for phones specifically. however i found that the transition is not as easy as one would think , new markup languages such as swivel and also old ones like java , compatibility changes from android to ios.

Google leaning its rankings towards mobile friendliness , and also wanting to introduce voice search into serp factors things are going to change , as they always do.

Mobile is the future for even us old school website developers, i foresee companies combining the advertising power websites and forgoing their dynamic pages for the ease of usability of mobile applications. Thus i think as a web developers the future is going to need that we know both.

However there are sooo many mobile devices out there from our well known iphones , to Sony to a whole host of asian tech hitting the market. How do we as now mobile developers keep up with all this. Yes there are standard os on phones mainly ios and android , but who is to say that these other companies wont develop their own software ?

IOS in specific does everything it can to not conform, this has what makes them successful , but they've become the new internet explorer in terms of developing for them.

So after this long winded i would call a rant , my question is in terms of development tools for somebody who is not ios familiar does anybody know of any. I know safari used to support a emulator up until v 5.7.1 but after some dispute with google they broke off.. I struggle now unless i actually get an iPhone on my hands i dont know what my work looks like on those phones and tablets.... maybe its time to buy a mac it iPhone .. oh did their sales technique just work on me?