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Thread: Large Balance 2 Virgin Accounts Options?

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    Large Balance 2 Virgin Accounts Options?

    So many years ago, I bought 2 US phones.

    I used them on pretty regular trips to the US with my family but then the trips became less frequent.

    But because the balance was high, no where near as high as it is now, I did not want to waste so kept feeding them 20 every three months.

    So now I am with two phone accounts. One with $338.75 and the other, $311.50.

    I thought I could combine them and just by the S7 and then try to sell it.

    Turns out I can only have $400 on a phone at once? This sounded strange so I could transfer about 90 bucks and then have the other phone cancel and loose the rest.

    Or I could buy several phones but I don't know what the market is for the same.

    I would also consider just taking 50 cents on the dollar unless, as they move to iphone only, that there is a chance that I could use the balance to buy and iphone and then that would allow more options.

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    Searching eBay's sold items is a very good way to judge what a phone's resale value might be.

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    They are only iPhone already, so if you can use your balance to buy the hardware you'd get an "upgrade" to the Inner Circle Plan, which is free service for a year.

    Tomorrow 9/22 they'll start pre-ordering the iPhone 8, but if you want a 7 they should presumably drop to $549 (and the 6S to $449).

    The resale value of the 7 should be $400-450 and the 6S probably about $350 -- maybe more if new/near-new and under warranty. Note their phones are initially locked to Sprint, but I think I read somewhere they have a reasonably liberal unlock policy.

    I doubt the Inner Circle Plan is transferable upon sale (though you could transfer it to another iPhone if you have one), and the offer ends 9/28 so I'd call and ask if the plan part is of interest... though not usable outside the USA.

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