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Thread: How to disable internet on T650

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    How to disable internet on T650

    Hello everybody

    On my SE T650, on standby there are two icons that pop up and stay a while, then they are gone, then pop up again and this is happening all the time, the first icon is 3G network, a bluish cube icon with an orb inside the cube, and the second icon is a globe that is coloured in blue and green, ie pdp context assigned.

    How can i disable these two icons so that they dont drain the battery?
    When i put an inactive sim card in the phone the two icons dont appear on standby screen, and the battery lasts for more than 9 days, but when i put a regular sim card with which i can make calls, the two icons are there as i described and then the battery lasts for only 3 or 4 days, while making hardly any calls at all, so i think those two icons are the cause that drains the battery

    I saw on the forums a "solution" that is making a new profil in menu>settings>connectivity>data comm.>data accounts with wrong settings so that the phone cannot connect to internet and i tried this, and the phone doesnt connect to internet indeed but the icons appear/dissapear all the time again and drain the battery despite not connecting to internet

    So is there a way to "shut down" the icons permanently, to switch them off like in with the inactive sim card when they dont appear at all or isnt? So far i havent found a way to do this in the settings, nor i found a way with the secret codes that i found for SE.. Im hoping for your help

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    Anybody ??

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