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Thread: best dumb-phone (non android) from nokia??

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    best dumb-phone (non android) from nokia??

    im looking to revert back to a dumb phone for some time. Symbian is okay (yes i know, technically its a smartphone). just NO android. whats the most high end nokia phone fitting this criteria? I used to have a black n95 in back in the day and it was awesome. anything in the category but even better? i currently own a iphone 7 plus but i wanna give the modern day smart phone a break.
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    Loved the older Nokia phones. Had many. They won't be fast for browsing if you decided you did want that. But check YouTube, they have videos on all those old nokia phones. I think the e71/e72 were great for texting and good signal depending on your carrier. Problem is alot of the tech required to make them fully functional on the various networks may no longer be in place. Alot of LTE now that would leave the older phones lacking in the signal ability department. Might be cool for wifi, but slow processors.

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    Definitely agree about the Nokia e71 and e72.

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