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Thread: Best digital Fireproof safe for the money?

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    Best digital Fireproof safe for the money?

    I'm looking for best bang for buck fireproof safe to keep my valuable items such as my electronics blu Ray discs etc. protect them from fire. A few months ago my neighbors house burned down in a huge fire from a lighting strike. I need a fireproof safe god forbid my valuable items get burned from fire damage. Who knows of a fire proof safe that is the most durable secure for the money?

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    Generally, fire safes come in two :

    Document safes are designed to keep their contents about 250 C (the temperature at which paper starts to char) for their fire rating time is. They typically use stuff like gypsum board lining to this because the heat of the fire has to boil all of the water out of the gypsum board before the temperature can rise much over 100 C.

    Data safes are designed to keep tapes, floppy discs and optical discs at a low enough temperature that these plastic materials will not melt or otherwise be damaged (hard discs have a poor tolerance for heat too). Because this is harder to , data safes cost significantly more than document safes.

    Lots of fire safes like SentrySafe are not designed to resist determined attackers with tools - you need a burglary safe for that. Good burglary safes have things like glass plates in the door to prevent drilling the lock - if you try to drill the lock, you will shatter the glass plate with the drill bit, which releases the springloaded "relocking" bolts which prevent the door from being opened ever again (if the glass plate has shattered, you will need to cut your way into the safe because you cannot unlock it).

    On the floor in the bottom of the wardrobe is probably a better location for a fire safe than up on the wardrobe shelf as down on the floor won't get as hot as quickly as up on the shelf in the event of a fire (hot air and smoke rises). Also on the floor will make it easier to bolt down as Akzle suggests.

    Locating the backups in a different building to the computer is probably a way of protecting them from fire and theft. eg are unlikely to take the computer from the house and the backup drive in the garage in the same burglary. If the garage is located far enough away from the house that a fire in one building would be very unlikely to spread to the other building then you will also have good protection against data loss due to fire.

    If you are keeping valuables in a safe, it's probably a good idea to keep the fact that you have a safe full of valuables a secret only known to a few very trusted people, lest some mad P-head overhears a conversation about what you have and gets the mad idea that they can get the contents of the safe (so that they can buy more drugs of course) by using threats of violence to you or your family

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