I'm looking to replace my s6. It seems odd that buying a new phone from VZW is more costly than buying on the open market. Of course, unless I'm missing something. To upgrade to a S7, VZW wants $576 plus a $30 upgrade fee. My line charge will then increase from the $30/month (2 lines) to $40. Then it looks like they still threaten a $350 early termination fee. I have fulfilled my current obligation. I can get a 930U for $530 and be done. No upgrade fee and no increase in line fee. I currently have a family plan with 2 lines and 10G. The charge is $80 + $30 ($15x2). Am I missing something? I like my S6. I dropped it and it's doing strange things like calling and texting own its own. Thans for any help you can offer.