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Thread: BYOP 48 5GB - what's the catch?

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    BYOP 48 5GB - what's the catch?

    So I just switched to the BYOP 48 5GB plan, which I've heard is only available in MB and SK. Here are the details:

    • Unlimited Canada to Intl. SMS
    • Standard LD Rate (to U.S. & CAN)
    • Call Display
    • myPeeps (
    • Smartphone Data - 5 GB
    • Txt & Pic msg to Can & US
    • Unlimited anytime minutes
    • Voicemail 3
    • Canada-Wide Calling
    • Unlimited Incoming Text
    • Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling.
    • Additional Data - $7/100MB.
    • Additional Minutes - 50˘/min.
    • Good to know: All features in your plan are valid only when used within Canada.

    All this for $48/month. Since it mentioned CAN LD at normal rates but also Canada-Wide Calling, I talked to a rep who confirmed that any calls placed from Canada to a Canadian number were free/included.

    This is significantly cheaper than my old plan and includes quite a bit more data, and unlimited Canada-Wide minutes. I'm trying to figure out what the catch is with this, but can't find any. I guess there's no US/international LD minutes included, but I never call outside Canada so that's not an issue for me. Can anyone find a catch?

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    I think you need to have a MB/SK phone number, which means if you don't live in those provinces, anyone trying to call you would be charged long distance (if applicable).

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    As @Sheytoon says - the "catch" is that you need to be in those provinces to get the plan. Sometimes just having one of those numbers isn't enough, you need to have a corresponding mailing address as well.

    It's the same "catch" as what you see for the dirt cheap plans in Quebec. You must live in QC with a QC number.

    The rest of Canada get the higher prices. If you're in MB or SK, take the plan before it changes or gets removed. Sometimes these plans are limited time only to get them. Once you have it though, you've got it until you decide to change it.

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