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Thread: Motorola refunds?

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    Exclamation Motorola refunds?

    So Lenovo refuses to honor the warranty on a Straight Talk Moto E for some bullSh9*^ reason.

    I've provided ample proof of purchase information and have gotten nowhere.
    Today I got a few emails from them reiterating the same nonsense as to why they cannot replace the phone. However one of them claimed to offer a refund. That would be great except for the ridiculous amount of information they are asking for to do a direct deposit of the funds. That is shady in and of itself but I am curious if this is now standard practice for refunds?

    I am contacting you regarding your Moto E. I apologize but we are not able to replace your device and would like to offer you a full refund for the device. Please be aware that Motorola's refunds are processed via a direct deposit to your bank. As the identification of both parties involved in the process is confirmed prior to transfer, this is considered a very safe method of refunding customers.

    To process this transaction we will require that you provide certain information to us. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE INFORMATION BY EMAIL. The information we need to process your refund by EFT is:
    Name on account
    Bank name
    Bank address
    Branch name
    Branch number
    Account number
    Routing number
    Bank account type

    You may call us with the information at (866) 861-8157 and use reference number 17XXXXXXXX6. Otherwise I will be happy to call you to process the refund, if you would like me to call you can you please provide me with a good phone number and time. You should receive your refund in 4-6 weeks after we submit your information to the refund department.

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    Executive Customer Relations

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    I am curious, what exactly are these "bullSh9*^" reasons for voiding your warranty? Fell into the toilet? Ran over by a tank? Rooted?

    In terms of a direct deposit (EFT), all of the info they are asking reads as the reasonable info required by anyone to do it. Mostly, it is to ensure/verify the actually money goes into the correct place.

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    Maybe I am silly, if they are offering to refund the cost of the phone then what is the problem ?? They don't have to justify their reasons and offered what I feel is a fair solution. I think we are missing some information still.
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    Yeah I'm missing something too.

    You're getting a refund, right?
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