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Thread: 3 extremely slow mifi's, but fast with the SIM in a galaxy s5

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    3 extremely slow mifi's, but fast with the SIM in a galaxy s5

    Ive got 3 used mifis, 4510L, and two 4620L jetpacks.

    Just completed an AoL on a 2 year contract onto my business (consumer business, not corp) account. Its the "LOYALTY PLAN $15 / 30 MIN" that has unthrottled UDP.

    With the linesSIM in a fairly old Galaxy5, I get decent speeds, 10mbps. But in any of the 3 mifis, its under 2mbps. I factory reset them all and made sure they all had latest software upgrade. Same thing.

    Any tips from anyone here? surely all 3 mifis arent bad? I did get them all on ebay.

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