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Thread: Map of USCC's new 600 Mhz spectrum from Auction

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    Map of USCC's new 600 Mhz spectrum from Auction

    It will take some time for most of this spectrum for the TV stations to move off the spectrum. You could have some 600 Mhz spectrum that has no TV Station Interference. US Cellular won 188 licenses in 92 areas for $328.7 million. There were over 1 million square miles of the USA 3.79 million square miles that had at least a single block of 5x5 with no TV interference. Problem is no cell phones support 600 Mhz until late 2017 or most likely early 2018.

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    ugh it's like they plan this crap out before the auctions. Here's hoping they actually do something with it other than sit on it.

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