National Labor Relations Board judge sides with union
Communications Workers said group was anti-union tactic

T-Mobile USA Inc. violated the New Deal prohibition against company-controlled labor organizations and must dissolve T-Voice, a group of company-selected employee “representatives” formed in 2015, a National Labor Relations Board judge has ruled.

“Whenever an employer unlawfully establishes and maintains a dominated labor organization, that organization must be disestablished,” Sharon Levinson Steckler, the agency’s administrative law judge, wrote in a decision dated Monday. The company, which the Communications Workers of America has been trying to unionize for more than a decade, used T-Voice to imply that it could address employees’ grievances, she wrote.

In a pair of tweets Tuesday evening, T-Mobile President John Legere blasted the ruling. "This is ludicrous," he said. "We’re appealing. Listening to front-line employees tell us what customers need is imperative to our business. #wewontstop."